We are pleased to present & support Evidencio project and Community...

Evidencio and pmidCALC projects are sharing a common vision that prediction models can complement human clinical decision-making. Their respective technologies and complementary online repositories aim to support the transition of these clinical prediction rules from research into everyday medical practice.

Evidencio already offers great features and a large library of clinically relevant scoring systems that we warmly recommend to use in complement of the online resources and efforts provided in pmidCALC website.

Here is a short overview of what you will be able to do by joining the Evidencio Community:

  • Create, update, share online prediction models and get feedback from peers within the Evidencio Community
  • Add models based on your own (institutional) data and perform external validation of new and existing models
  • Publish models with your research paper for an improved review process & impact
  • Connect your models to your EHR's and/or 3rd party application through Evidencio API

The last but not the least, Evidencio is and will remain free for health-care professionals and research institutes. Evidencio also share with pmidCALC ethical considerations and applies strong privacy practices regarding your personal information. -www.evidencio.com -

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