Internal Medicine

Necrotizing Fasciitis Risk Score

Borschitz T, Schlicht S, Siegel E, Hanke E, Von stebut E. Improvement of a Clinical Score for Necrotizing Fasciitis: 'Pain Out of Proportion' and High CRP Levels Aid the Diagnosis. PLoS ONE. 2015;10(7):e0132775.
Pubmed PMID: 26196941

Chronic Kidney Disease Risk Score in HIV Infection

Mocroft A, Lundgren JD, Ross M, et al. Development and Validation of a Risk Score for Chronic Kidney Disease in HIV Infection Using Prospective Cohort Data from the D:A:D Study. PLoS Med. 2015;12(3):e1001809.
Pubmed PMID: 25826420
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Differentiation of COPD and ASTHMA Score

Lee YS, Baek S, Ko Y, et al. New scoring system for the differentiation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma. Respirology. 2015.
Pubmed PMID: 25823440

Barthel ADL Index (20 points version)

Collin C, Wade DT, Davies S, Horne V. The Barthel ADL Index: a reliability study. Int Disabil Stud. 1988;10(2):61-3.
Pubmed PMID: 3403500

Barthel ADL Index (original version)

Mahoney FI, Barthel DW. FUNCTIONAL EVALUATION: THE BARTHEL INDEX. Md State Med J. 1965;14:61-5.
Pubmed PMID: 14258950
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