In-Hospital and 1-Year Mortality in Patients With Hip Fractures

Jiang HX, Majumdar SR, Dick DA, et al. Development and initial validation of a risk score for predicting in-hospital and 1-year mortality in patients with hip fractures. J Bone Miner Res. 2005;20(3):494-500.
Pubmed PMID: 15746995

Pain Assessment in Advanced Dementia (PAINAD)

Warden V, Hurley AC, Volicer L. Development and psychometric evaluation of the Pain Assessment in Advanced Dementia (PAINAD) scale. J Am Med Dir Assoc. 2003;4(1):9-15.
Pubmed PMID: 12807591

Barthel ADL Index (20 points version)

Collin C, Wade DT, Davies S, Horne V. The Barthel ADL Index: a reliability study. Int Disabil Stud. 1988;10(2):61-3.
Pubmed PMID: 3403500

Barthel ADL Index (original version)

Mahoney FI, Barthel DW. FUNCTIONAL EVALUATION: THE BARTHEL INDEX. Md State Med J. 1965;14:61-5.
Pubmed PMID: 14258950
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