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Drug Interaction Probability Scale (DIPS) Horn et al. 2007 Drug Interaction Probability Scale (DIPS)

*   1. Are there previous credible reports of this interaction in humans?
*   2. Is the observed interaction consistent with the known interactive properties of precipitant drug?
*   3. Is the observed interaction consistent with the known interactive properties of object drug?
*   4. Is the event consistent with the known or reasonable time course of the interaction (onset and/or offset)?
*   5. Did the interaction remit upon dechallenge of the precipitant drug with no change in the object drug?
*   6. Did the interaction reappear when the precipitant drug was readministered in the presence of continued use of object drug?
*   7. Are there reasonable alternative causes for the event?
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Consider clinical conditions, other interacting drugs, lack of adherence, risk factors (eg, age, inappropriate doses of object drug).
A 'No' answer presumes that enough information was presented so that one would expect any alternative causes to be mentioned.
When in doubt, use 'Unknown or not applicable' designation.

*   8. Was the object drug detected in the blood or other fluids in concentrations consistent with the proposed interaction?
*   9. Was the drug interaction confirmed by any objective evidence consistent with the effects on the object drug (other than drug concentrations from previous question)?
* 10. Was the interaction greater when the precipitant drug dose was increased or less when the precipitant drug dose was decreased?

Horn JR, Hansten PD, Chan LN. Proposal for a new tool to evaluate drug interaction cases. Ann Pharmacother. 2007;41(4):674-80. PMID: 17389673

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