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Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression (HAMD-7) McIntyre et al. 2002 Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression (HAMD-7)

* 1. Depressed mood (sadness, the blues, weepiness)

- Have you been feeling down or depressed this past week?
- How often have you felt this way, and for how long?

* 2. Feelings of guilt (self-criticism, self-reproach)

- In the past week, have you felt guilty about something you've done, or that you've let others down?
- Do you feel you're being punished by being sick?

* 3. Interest, pleasure, level of activities (work and activities of daily living)

- Are you as productive at work and at home as usual?
- Have you felt interested in doing things that usually interest you?

* 4. Tension, nervousness (psychological anxiety)

- Have you been feeling more tense or nervous than usual this week?
- Have you been worrying a lot?

* 5. Physical symptoms of anxiety (somatic anxiety)

In the past week, have you had any of these symptoms?
- Gastrointestinal: dry mouth, gas, indigestion, diarrhea, cramps, belching
- Cardiovascular: heart palpitations, headaches
- Respiratory: hyperventilation, sighing
- Having to urinate frequently
- Sweating

* 6. Energy level (somatic symptoms)

- How has your energy been this past week?
- Have you felt tired?
- Have you had any aches or pains or felt any heaviness in your limbs, back or head?

* 7. Suicide (ideation, thoughts, plans, attempts)

- Have you any thoughts life is not worth living or you'd be better off dead?
- Have you thoughts of hurting or killing yourself?
- Have you done anything to hurt yourself?

Mcintyre R, Kennedy S, Bagby RM, Bakish D. Assessing full remission. J Psychiatry Neurosci. 2002;27(4):235-9. PMID: 12174732 | PMC free article

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